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Application and Training / Preparation


Initial stage
There is an interview and an application form (which requires two references) to be returned.
Initial preparation is given in small groups over several sessions. It aims to define the nature and limits of the role of an Advocate / Appropriate Adult and to give a background to the work.
The course includes:
- Definition of roles and operational procedures
Statutory provision: applicable law and existing services for vulnerable client groups
- Understanding of mental health and learning disability
- Equal opportunities
- Knowledge and skills
Follow-on interview
Following the preparation sessions the co-ordinator and volunteer meet to discuss the role and the volunteer’s suitability for it. All being well, an initial discussion will begin about a Citizen Advocate partnership for the volunteer, or their availability for the Appropriate Adult rota. On-going support is provided through informal supervision and opportunities to get together with other volunteers to exchange ideas and enjoy social interaction.

Reliability is essential but the roles are flexible - you decide how much time you can offer.

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