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Citizen Advocate:


Volunteers work by helping disadvantage individuals with issues such as debt and housing. To become a Citizen Advocate, you need to have an interest in the rights of the individual and have a concern for those who may be at a disadvantage, such as due to having a learning disability or a meantal health problem.


Appropriate Adult:


An appropiate adult is somone who provides support to a vunlnerable detainese in Kingston police custody whilst being questioned by poilice.




This role involves volunteers helping and supporting vulnerable people into employment or education.




This position involves volunteers visiting isolated or elderly people to help them take an active part in the community to improve their wellbeing.


If any of these interest you fill in and send us this form:


Volunteer Application Form.doc
Microsoft Word document [49.0 KB]

For any questions or more infomation, contact us by clicking here.



Will I get my travel expenses paid ?
KAG will reimburse all reasonable travel expenses


Will I need to undergo any checks before beginning any volunteering?
KAG requires two references as well as DBS check for the volunteers- these are usually sought
before volunteering starts


What training and support is there for volunteers?
All volunteers are supported by their Project Co-ordinator. The volunteers are trained in the area
they are volunteering before they begin to work with someone on the project. As well as the initial
training there is ongoing support, training and updating.


I do not have much time, can I still volunteer?
KAG will work within your time commitments and find an opportunity that fits within the time you
have to spare.

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