Insistent Voices: Stories on Claiming Identity

A book by Tony Taylor published by KAG Advocacy
"I believe this book confirms real hope for the future and demonstrates that the provision of inclusive services and lifestyles (for people with learning difficulties) is both feasible and realisable."
Professor David Sines, South Bank University
"Insistent Voices is an account of the lives of five individuals with learning difficulties told by them with the support of the author, Tony Taylor. Other accounts of the lives of people with learning difficulties who have moved from an institution to a home of their own and their struggle for citizenship have been written. This account stands out from the others in two respects. Firstly, this is one of the very first, and possibly, the first example nationally, of people with learning difficulties moving from a hospital setting to a home of their own. The second aspect of the account that makes it stand out from most others is Tony''s ongoing and enduring relationship with the former residents of Wallis Road."
Steven Rose Chief Executive, Choice Support.

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