We are sorry you are unhappy with our service.

Who can complain?
Anyone can make a complaint.
We can also support you to complain. Someone can help you.

How do I complain?
If you are unhappy you can talk to staff. If you are happy after that the complaint will finish here.

Formal complaints
If you are still not happy you can complain to the Director.
You can complain by letter, e-mail or telephone. Explain what you want to complain about. Tell us anything that you feel is important.
You may find it helps to use our Complaint Form. Please contact the office for a form to be sent.


What will happen if I make a formal complaint?
- We will tell you when your complaint arrives
- The person investigating the complaint will contact you to fully understand your complaint. They will tell you how the complaint will be investigated and how long we think it will take
- We will try to reply to your complaint within 2 weeks.

If you are still not happy
If you are still not happy with the result of the investigation you may appeal to the Chair of Trustees in writing.
The Chair will reply to you within 2 weeks and will hold a meeting with you to try to resolve the issue.

What if I am still unhappy?
If you are still unhappy Kingston Voluntary Action will provide information on how to take your complaint further. Their address is below, but please do not contact them until you have followed all the other steps.

Kingston Voluntary Action Siddeley House
50 Canbury Park Road
Kingston upon Thames

Telephone 020 8255 3335

Get involved!

Find out how by contacting us at:


KAG Advocacy CIO

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50 Canbury Park Road

Kingston Upon Thames




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