Care Act 2014 Advocacy

The Care Act 2014 brings 60 years worth of health and social care legislation under one umbrella.


The Care Act 2014 has the well-being of the person at the center of any assessment, care planning, care reviews, and safeguarding.


Alongside these new statutory principles, the act has also created a new statutory right to advocacy. Advocacy under the Care Act is for people who have substantial difficulty in being able to take part or understand the assessment process.


The Independent Care Act Advocate [ICCA] will:

  • ascertain the person's likes and dislikes, wishes, beliefs, and values
  • find out what has been done to help the person making the decision
  • have access to medical and health records relevant
  • Consult with professionals and others who know the person
  • represent the person's views and wishes.

KAG provides this service in Kingston and surrounding areas


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